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Best plus size socks
The Zeta Compression Socks are a must-have for anyone looking for a comfortable, supportive compression sock. These socks offer superior comfort due to their extra-wide size — they fit ankles up to 17 inches in circumference and calves up to 26 inches in circumference. They are made with a cotton/spandex blend that is anti-odor and anti-static, meaning they keep your feet dry and odor-free even with extended use. These open-toe compression socks are also great for those suffering from varicose veins, lymph edema, diabetes, and restless legs - particularly during long plane rides. The larger cuffs won't dig into your leg and make them a more comfortable option compared to other compression socks.
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Best Energy Drink Supplement
The Pureboost Immune Clean Energy Drink Mix is an immunity-boosting powerhouse. With the combination of 28 vitamins, minerals and supernutrients, this energy drink mix offers more than just a pick-me-up for those who need it. The powerful blend has been scientifically formulated to help support the body’s immune system, giving your body the boost it needs to stay healthy. One package of the Pureboost contains 30 individual tear-and-pour powder packets in three delicious flavors: 10 elderberry, 10 tropical and 10 tangerine fruit blend. Unlike some other energy drinks on the market, Pureboost is entirely non-GMO and contains no sugar, sucralose, soy or dairy. Plus, it’s keto and vegetarian-friendly.
Traction Equipment
Best Neck Stretcher
This neck stretcher by Trusted Medical Solutions is perfect for individuals suffering from a wide range of neck and shoulder issues, including pinched nerves, herniated discs, migraines, poor posture and more. It offers an innovative design that caters to diverse needs, however, it should be noted that it cannot be used for cracking your neck. Whether you spend long hours at a desk or struggle with tension headaches, this device is your quick treatment fix. The adjustable air support pillow comes with extended and secure straps, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for everyone. Its portability also enables you to effortlessly use it during various activities, helping you decompress and alleviate pain effectively.
Liquor Decanters
Best whiskey decanter set
You can give the whiskey-lover in your life the perfect gift with this decanter set from Chef’s Star. The globe-shaped decanter features a thick round base and holds 28 ounces of your favorite wine, whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. The unique earth design and hidden inside ship shape add to its elegant look – perfect for showing off quality spirits in style. Included with the set are two smooth-rimmed glasses, each featuring a matching global map design. For keeping drinks cold, this set includes stainless steel whiskey stones to chill drinks without diluting them. The added wooden stand provides a handy way to store all the pieces together when not in use, or when serving guests.
Yeast Infection Treatments
Best flora suppositories
Seroflora Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories is a unique product designed specifically for women, providing a natural solution to keeping the vaginal area clean and free of odors. These suppositories are made with 100% pure boric acid powder and contain 600 mg of the recommended dosage, making them an effective and reliable solution. It helps control odor caused by menstruation, intimacy, exercise, menopause, and hormone changes. Created by women for women, it is suitable for all types of intimate maintenance. Seroflora Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories are made in the USA and are safe and easy to use at home.
Hand Wash
Best Resin Remover
The Unicorn Art Magical Resin Remover is an all-natural hand gel cleanser that works wonders to clear up any residue or sticky discharges on hands from paints, glues, and other crafting supplies. Featuring cosmetic-grade, moisturizing ingredients, this liquid hand soap gently yet thoroughly cleanses the hands without drying out the skin. The formulation includes a blend of plant-derived ingredients that removes buckled-on resin without harsh chemicals. Furthermore, this Magical Cleanser is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and devoid of sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, parabens, and dyes.
Cleaning Tissues & Cloths
Best lens wipes
The Care Touch Lens Wipes are pre-moistened wipes that are individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience. The wipes are soft, lightweight, and safe for coated lenses, making them perfect for cleaning eyeglasses, phone lenses, and other optical surfaces. The larger wipes are great for cleaning larger optical surfaces like TVs and computer monitors as well. One box contains 210 pre-moistened wipes so you can always carry some around with you in your bag so you'll never be caught without a way to clean your lenses or screens.
Best Ratchet Tie Down Set
The AUGO Ratchet tie-down straps provide secure transport of cargo, appliances, lawn equipment, and any other items you need to move around. With a break strength of 2,200 lbs and a 15 ft length, these tie-down straps are the perfect fit for vehicles of various sizes. Their revolutionary design and unique molding technology ensure the handles won’t fall off. Rubber-coated S hooks prevent scratching of your equipment. Their top-quality and highly durable materials mean they can withstand everyday wear and tear for many years. The strap is also easy to use-just fix the hooks and ratchet for a fast and secure hold on your cargo. The 4-pack includes bonus accessories such as two bungee cords, four soft loops, and a storage bag.
Indoor String Lights
Best fairy lights
These MUMUXI fairy string lights are each 7.2 feet long and feature 20 vibrant LED bulbs. Since they are battery-operated, you can easily place them anywhere in your home without having to worry about cords or far-away plugs. They can also safely be used indoors or outdoors, making them ideal for decorating your patio or deck for parties. With 12 strings of lights, you'll have plenty to decorate your entire home.
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